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Judges Application

Due to Overwhelming response…

We’ve temporarily closed judge registration.  We are running the names by our FBA folks to confirm the eligibility of all the folks who have already registered.  We’ll post those names as soon as those have been confirmed.

Then if we need more judges, we’ll open the registration back up after that.

For more information about what it takes to become an official FBA BBQ judge check out the official FBA site here.

To see more info about the activities scheduled for this year’s BBQ contest, click here.

All judges must be FBA sanctioned (meaning you must be a current judge in good standing).

To find out more about the FBA, contact here.

After registering as a judge, you will receive an automated email, confirming you as a judge… We will send the names off to the FBA to confirm your eligibility as an FBA judge. We will post a list of judges here. As always, depending on the number of cook teams we have, will determine the total number of judges we will need. So we’re confirming judge applications in the order they are received.

Steve Askew
Lash Askew
theresa bowman
Bob Bowman
Leonard Brannen
Pat Brannen
Steve Brumm
Lorne Brumm
William Carrington
Ken Chascin
Doneda and Scott Cole
Scott Cole
Joe Crotty
Grace Crotty
Rick Deal
Joyce Deal
Gayle Dimaggio
Rick Dimaggio
Bryan Durta
Scott Embree
Patricia Embree
Ken Fluker
Sue Fluker
James Frazee Jr
Alan Giella sr
Charles Golden
Louis Goldman
Elliott Govorchin
Jodi Harriss
Kent Harriss
David Haskett
Jim Haskett
Lora Haskett
Rodney Higginbotham
Larry Hines
Angela Iversen
ralph kline
Joe Lee
Kristie Lee
Mac McLaughlin
Don Miller
Charlotte Mobley
Edward Nagler
Mike Perry
Nina Phillips
Tom Pippin
Jonathan Rackard
Rachel Rackard
Chuck Ray
Donna Ray
Chuck Ray
don rowe
Harry Smith
Gary Steck
Neill thaggard
Donald Tibbedeaux
C0nstance Tibbedeaux
Brian Toung
Erin Toung
Connie Washam
Marshall Wiseheart
Danny Witt


This diagram gives you an idea of where judges will be located this year. Instead of the large building we used last year, judges will be located in the Annex building to the side of the Coliseum.